Through the Never

Book Cover: Through the Never

Get ready to travel to travel THROUGH THE NEVER with brave characters who break free from familiar confines and launch themselves into the dangerous unknown as they seek new lives and race down pathways from which there is no return.

From Earth to far-off galaxies to fantastic new realms, embark on fourteen exciting adventures in science fiction and fantasy where dangerous new worlds, epic quests, and heart-pounding adventures await.

Explore the universe, experience the magic and live a thousand lives!



Featuring R. L. Blalock's sci-fi novella The Fall of Endurance!

To save the human race, we will have to become something more than human.

I was born on the Endurance. We were all born on the Endurance. Generations have lived and died on this ship. But I won’t.

The planet of Iotova is what the human race has been looking for. Air. Water. Livable land. For four hundred years we've searched for this place.

Except, we hadn't planned on arriving like this.

Many won't survive the crash. More won't make it through the first night. Attacks from of the native beasts that we call the Chroin will claim even more of us--but we must keep fighting. No matter what we have to keep fighting to survive. Even if it means becoming Chroin to do it.


We're the last. The last of humanity. If we're lost, so is our species.